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The Secret To Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Don't be selfish:

Does anyone out there enjoy cleaning?

If so, I invite them to come help me. Derr and I moved into old Mrs. Perry’s house almost a year ago (really? time flies), and we have come a long way. The little duck dotted wallpaper no longer exists in the bathroom, where the hurricane toilet used to sit now sits an efficient (but annoying) new one, and this week we replaced the 40 year old A/C unit with a much quieter and better system.

We have come a long way.

So today, I sit in a very cool house, currently working on cleaning the kitchen cabinets. I shall mention again how much I hate cleaning.


Cleaning these cabinets is a beast- years of grease, stains, and God knows what else, made layers of filth. The corners of the cabinets were black, while as you can see, the rest of the cabinet is that standard 80’s builder grade look. I doubt anyone ever cleaned the cabinets even to get the dust off, much less use a bit of elbow grease for the actual grease. I tried just my regular vinegar solution cleaner but that fared no match against these cabinets.

I needed something different, because I was not about to dedicate my entire afternoon to scrubbing.

I searched to see if I could find someone claiming to have the “best homemade cleaner” out there for kitchen cabinet grease, and I choose this one. I chose it because the picture showed cabinets that looked very similar to mine, the easiness of the ingredients of the recipe, and the results shown. Also I chose it because I had all the ingredients on hand.

The Results:


All the black edge is grease. Not shadow, grease.


What a difference cleaning makes!


(I know there’s a little bit of a flash, so it’s a bit hard to tell) I really need you guys to be able to feel them– no more sticky nasty corners.

The recipe I used consists of dawn (blue) dish soap and vinegar. You must use Dawn blue, however I already knew this from past experience (I have no idea what they put in the specifically blue kind that makes it different, however no other dish soap, not even another Dawn dish soap, comes close). She adds that you can add borax to the solution if you need a bit more cleaning power (I needed it). I liked it because I don’t love the smell of other cleaners, and I hate to clean. The borax really cut through the grease well.

The Verdict:

Use it. I finished thoroughly cleaning the cabinets in under an hour, including dusting (this could be attributed to my small kitchen too). However, I tried the cleaner on some of the tough stains on my cabinet tops with little success. I suppose the turmeric stains never come out, but I will keep searching for something to clean those soon.

One small thing- borax, though effective, irritates some people’s skin. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend omitting the borax, using baking soda, or wearing gloves.

With the good weather tomorrow, I plan to start painting using a few different pins I found for inspiration. I wanted a very different look for the cabinets and I struggled to find exactly what I was looking for, so I ended up using a blend of a few different things.

Updates will be up later this week. ,







Don't be selfish:

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