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Hair Mask To Beat All Other Hair Masks?

Don't be selfish:

We all want great hair.

I like my hair overall… but occasionally it needs a bit help

One way to get great hair is to avoid the sun and to not introduce it to salt water, but I like to enjoy the beach, and instead I let it soak in those bright rays and brine for a good 10 days. My hair did not appreciate what my soul loved. Can’t please everyone I suppose.


Sorry, it was late, I was tired.
Sorry, it was late, I was tired.

To stop further breakage, I decided to look up a deep repair mask on Pinterest. It’s already a jungle, but when you ask for a recipe for a hair mask? Millions and millions of un-sourced pins that say everything from soak your hair in honey and eggs to let it sit in 5 different kinds of obscure expensive oils. I have five dollars to my name.

Where to begin?

I wanted to find one where I could still stay at home in my pajamas and not go to the grocery store. So I searched for pins that seemed to pop up the most, and the one I chose was this one here. I am unsure if this is the exact source for this recipe, given how many times it popped up under different sources.


It’s simple enough with 4 ingredients: honey, 1 egg, coconut oil, and olive oil. It kind of sounds like I’m finding the ingredients to make some kind of weird sugar free pancakes but I picked it anyway.

Not my best idea.


So, the prep goes like this: mix all the ingredients together, massage into your hair, then wrap your hair in a hot towel, and sit. Sit for at least 20 minutes, or as long as you like. I finished part of this blog in that time. Multi-tasking!

This is what the mask looks like in your hair:


Flattering right?

After two different shampoos, and two days, I finally managed to get all of the mixture out of my hair. I should have thought about the fact that this would be horrible to remove. And the smell…I love olive oil in food. I despise the smell in my hair.

After two shampoos I ended up with hair that was greaser than Michael Jackson’s Jerry curl. Two days later when I finally no longer looked like my hair was wet (though it was dry), I hoped for magic: shiny beautiful thick and manageable hair. The result? Maybe a bit tamer, but I think that hinged on me wanting this to work. I managed the mane maybe just a bit more.

The Results:

Do you see a difference?
Do you see a difference?

That was a lot of work for not a lot of success. Later on in the week I tried a mix of olive oil and coconut oil, using the same process and it worked much better.

The moral of the story is to just stick to simplicity. The less ingredients the better right?




Don't be selfish: